Monica Lewinsky

From the moment online gossip-meister Matt Drudge scooped way-old media outlets with the alleged affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, the juicy story was white hot on the Web. On Fox News Online, for example, page views spiked to 2.6 million, overtaking the high of 2.3 million drawn by Princess Diana’s death. While sex-obsessed rubberneckers, friend-slash-backstabber Linda Tripp, and the President himself should be credited for Lewinsky’s instant notoriety, the quirky ingenuity of Web-page makers transformed the Beltway underling to full-fledged celebrity virtually overnight.

The myriad sites devoted to the ultimate Valley Girl, range from the sophomoric to the salacious to the downright pornographic. Zippergate: The Monica Lewinsky Scandal Web Site ( poses the question, “Is Lewinsky a Victim, a Patsy or a Psychotic?” and encourages Web surfers to draw their own conclusions. The Monica Lewinsky Website ( is written in what’s purportedly her voice and features a daily news leak, but it’s doubtful that she’d really link her own website — and direct its visitors — to the “Naked Mile,” an Internet tribute to streaking.

Many of the Monica-moniker sites include that ubiquitous Lewinsky ID photo, with her toothy smile and chunky bangs, looking like the sorority sister next door. For other images of the Web’s It girl, go to Totally Butchen Home Page (, Monica Lewinsky Photos Analysis (, or The I Love Monica Lewinksy Homepage (, which boasts, ‘I have more pictures of Monica than any other site on the net!’– including a doctored partially-nude photo.

Cheap shots can be had at The InterActive President (, where a mouse click arouses an underwear clad Chief Executive from… sleep. Quite appropriately, the drama’s wire-wearing double agent is celebrated at her namesake domain, Linda (, which commands, “An American hero or lousy friend… you decide!” There’s even a cogent essay on President Clinton’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct ( from, of all things, an Islamic perspective.