Celebrities celebrate Valentine's Day

By Melinda Spaulding
Updated February 13, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Just because celebrities are the objects of their fans’ affections doesn’t mean they have it easy when it comes to romance. In fact, Valentine’s Day seems to evoke the same range of emotions for them as it does for the rest of us. EW Online caught up with a few well-known spectators at the NBA All-Star game last weekend in New York City, where they shared their thoughts about Cupid’s big day.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, of “Party of Five,” doesn’t know her exact V-Day plans with her boyfriend, but she has a scenario in mind. “My ideal Valentine’s Day would be if I got one rose every hour,” says Hewitt. “And with the rose, a little note that I had to put together, kind of like a puzzle, to get the entire note. And it would say that a car would be at my house to pick me up at a certain time, and just take me someplace. I’d have no idea where I’m going or what’s gonna happen when I get there. Then I’d have a really romantic dinner and maybe walk on the beach or do something like that. I think that would just be perfect.”

Hewitt’s new “Party of Five” co-star Andrew Keegan plans to spend the day searching for his perfect Valentine. The single actor, who’s busy fending off Claudia’s affections on “PO5,” says that once he finds the right girl his future V-Days will be straight out of a steamy novel. “It would be just like the ones you read in those books,” says Keegan. “You know, the ones with Fabio on the cover. It would be complete with roses, a big romantic dinner by candlelight and a beautiful girl.”

Tyra Banks, the model who has inspirated countless Valentine’s Day purchases of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, thinks Cupid’s day is all hype. “Valentine’s Day is so overrated,” says Banks. “It makes a lot of women sit at home and cry because they don’t have a man. My advice? Go out with your girlfriends. Have fun. Eat chocolate together.” Banks isn’t a stranger to love, but she thinks that women put too much pressure on themselves on this one day. “Buying lingerie and anticipating Feb. 14 is fine, but you should buy nice things so you can look beautiful for yourself. Wear it everyday. Not just because it’s Valentine’s Day.”