Opening lines from books published the week of Feb. 13, 1998

“Poor Joel. Will was staring at his best friend, who sat behind the wheel of his ’69 Impala, low in the tattered, foam-hemorrhaging bench seat, arm thrown over the windowsill, still in his jeans and white, short-sleeved, V-necked Sub Shop shirt.” From James Kaplan’s novel Two Guys From Verona: A Novel of Suburbia (Atlantic)

“As a food professional, I guess it’s not surprising that when I review my life to date, it flashes back to me as a series of memorable moments inextricably bound by food. There are many important events in my life that I cannot recall. However, ask me about my first oyster, the Mile High Pie Mom used to take us for at the Pontchartrain Hotel, or my first experience with foie gras…and I can expound at length.” From chef Charlotte Armstrong’s cookbook/memoir, Charlotte’s Table: Down Home Cooking From an Uptown Girl (Ecco)