In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some lovely websites that can help you make this year an affair to remember. Start by brushing up on your smooching technique at The Kiss (, which offers kitschy osculation info. Then buy some goodies online for your main squeeze at Godiva (, 1-800 Flowers ( or PC Flowers and Gifts ( When things really heat up, you can send digital love letters from Greet Street ( and sing amourous praises at the Amazing Instant Novelist’s Romance Story writing contest (America Online, Keyword: Novel). And cast a vote for the famous face you’d most like to wake up next to at E! Online’s saucy “Who Do You Do?” (as in sleep with) game (

When–or is it if?–love fails, you can commiserate with other lonelyhearts at The Anti-Valentine’s Day Page (, where a flashing headline reminds you there’s a reason why “cupid rhymes with stupid,” stupid. But to really get even, check out the Shoot Cupid Game (AOL, Keyword: Valentine;, where Shockwave-enabled users can fire off rounds at the winged purveyor of love. But beware: If Cupid’s arrow hits you before your bullet bloodies him, you’re doomed to fall back in love. And love bytes.