Readers respond to Sonny Bono's death, Titanic criticism, South Park, and more

Feedback: Our Oscars Issue

Oscar Wild
What a wonderful cover (#414, Jan. 16)! Helen and Jack are great together, and they deserve recognition along with the rest of the cast for their performance in As Good as It Gets. It definitely deserves the Oscar for Best Picture. Helen is a beautiful, hardworking, wonderful actress, and she is finally getting the attention she should have gotten a long time ago.
Amy Salisbury
Arvada, Colo.

I realize she’s not a front-runner, but to overlook Joan Allen’s tense, implosive performance in The Ice Storm while desperately casting about for Best Actress candidates is nothing short of perverse. Her subtle work is leagues beyond the ditherings of a Julia Roberts.
Diane Giddis
New York City

Before Gregg Kilday hands that Fastest Director award to Barry Levinson for Wag the Dog, let’s not forget that Neil LaBute shot In the Company of Men in just 11 days. Too bad the Academy will probably forget that film when they hand out their awards as well.
Derek Miner
Bradenton, Fla.

Pro Bono
Ever since Sonny Bono’s death I’ve been reading all sorts of derisive things about, among other things, his songwriting. Thank you for being properly reverent and appreciative of this man’s talent. It’s funny how unexpectedly moved and saddened I found myself at the news of Sonny Bono’s passing.
Ezra Zonana
New York City

‘Ship’ Shape
Thank God for Jess Cagle, author of “When the Ship Hits the Fan.” I thought I was the only one. Titanic is to the cinema what The Bridges of Madison County was to literature: a self-indulgent, poorly written melodrama that has somehow captured the imagination of much of the American public. The people’s love of the film is one thing, but the critics’ failure to point out that the emperor has no clothes is just too much to take.
Michael Quinn
Copper Mountain, Colo.

I think that Jess Cagle should turn to the page following his piece in your magazine and read it carefully. It happens to be an ad for Prozac.
Matthew Angi
Bellbrook, Ohio

‘Park’ Ranger
South Park may very well be “gross,” but it is also one of the wittiest and most consistently hilarious shows on television today. How Ken Tucker can state “If you’ve seen one episode, you’ve seen ’em all” is beyond me. I guess he missed the episodes about alien abductions, hunting, gay dogs, zombies, mad turkeys, and talking Christmas poo.
Chris J. Wu

The Big Mac
Please tell david Kushner and Ron Goldberg (“Installing Tactics” and “Telling It Like It Isn’t”) that there’s a very simple way to put an end to CD-ROM installation problems and every indecipherable PC error message: Get a Macintosh.
Lee Aronsohn
Encino, Calif.

CORRECTIONS: Sonny Bono’s song is called “A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done.” Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope was released too late to be eligible for this year’s Grammy Awards (News & Notes).