Brassed Off

It?s time once again to curse the forces of market research, which dictate that no matter how good your film may be, it would be even better if you just added a romantic subplot involving two good-looking young actors. In Brassed Off‘s case, what might have been an affecting, charming picture about a bunch of English miners (most of them homely and middle-aged) struggling to save their beloved brass band when their pit is threatened with closure is hamstrung by a perfunctory love affair between an uncommonly bland Ewan McGregor and an irritatingly winsome Tara Fitzgerald (The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain). Pete Postlethwaite is terrific as the Grimley Colliery Brass Band?s driven leader, and the mostly unknown supporting cast matches him note for note, but the script is in the wrong key. C

Brassed Off
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