The best digital talk from Feb. 6, 1998

“It’s so difficult to imagine [the special effects] when you are a part of a scene. It just looks so real — that’s what I couldn’t believe. When the ship was tilted up in the air and the stunt people are falling and bodies are tumbling and crashing… I honestly sat there and went, ‘I can’t believe I’m in this film.’ It’s so epic and so grand and exhilarating. It’s a very funny feeling.” — Titanic‘s Kate Winslet on Entertainment Tonight Online

“The thing I have a problem with is that people constantly disappoint me….I question people’s motives [in Hollywood]. I’m always wondering, Why are they talking to me? I’m weary about it, ’cause I’ve been burned a couple of times. I don’t kiss with my eyes closed tight, if you know what I mean.” — Scream and Scream 2 scribe and Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson on RoughCut Online

“When I was first on the set of Broken Arrow, I had never been on a movie set before….And I met John Woo, and John Travolta and I became good friends. I was slated to have died early in the film [but] Woo kept rewriting….And 20th Century Fox…signed me to do three pictures. I was shocked. Can you imagine? I said…’Are you serious?”‘ — Ex-L.A. Raiders football great and Firestorm star Howie Long on RoughCut Online

“[The spelling of my first name] is something I regret not changing earlier on. Actually, Steven Spielberg said I should have changed the spelling. Ralph used to be pronounced ‘Rafe.’ Maybe five or six generations ago it wouldn’t have caused so much confusion.” — Oscar and Lucinda‘s Ralph Fiennes on E! Online