Best Actress

It’s Academy Awards night, and one nominee has a revolver stashed in her Chanel purse. Is it…the icy blond bombshell-turned-serious actress? The closeted lesbian, a former child star? The aging control-freak diva? The auburn-maned, heroin-dabbling ingenue? Or the prim Merchant Ivory specialist who’s split from her British thespian hubby? Just asking! Jacqueline Susann’s spirit is nicely warmed over — nay, flambeed — in Best Actress, this over-the-top Tinseltown spoof that has more blind items than the New York Post’s Page Six and more cameos than The Player (including a studio head so profligate he options his housekeeper’s shopping list). Total meta-trash; but as one character puts it, “what do you think the Oscars are about — art?” B+

Best Actress
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