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— DECADE OF DECAY: There is always something there to remind us that the ’80s keep coming back. Next month, makeup company Urban Decay — known for nail polish with names like Shattered and Meltdown — will begin selling a lipstick inspired by the ’80s-era film The Wedding Singer, due Feb. 13. Set in 1985, the film stars Adam Sandler as a singer at wedding gigs — he belts out such greed-decade hits as “Holiday” and “Love Stinks” — who falls for Drew Barrymore, a catering-hall waitress. Barrymore created the lipstick, a half-matte, half-glossy deep cranberry shade, with Urban Decay, after the cosmetics company partnered with the film’s studio, New Line. (Decay also did a nail-polish tie-in for Miramax’s A Life Less Ordinary.) Profits from the $12 tube benefit two of Barrymore’s favorite charities, the Female Health Foundation and the Wildlife Way Station. “Drew gave me a sense of the colors she likes,” says Wende Zomnir, Decay’s creative director. “Then we pulled together some samples.” Well, not just some — more like 20. “She tried every single one on,” adds Zomnir. “She got her hands stained. There were tissues all over the room. It was disgusting.” Still, that doesn’t sound as scary as this: The company, which sends out face charts to salespeople each season showing how to re-create certain looks, is pushing a Barrymore makeup style and another retro example. “We did a wild ’80s look as an option too,” says Zomnir. “It’s along the lines of Joan Cusack in Working Girl.”

— ANKHS A LOT: Walk like an Egyptian? Pass. Accessorize like one? Yes! Especially when it comes to the ankh (a cross with a loop on top), the ancient emblem of life that’s shown up in An American Werewolf in Paris, Veronica’s Closet, and the cover of Erykah Badu’s Live album. Why this sudden interest in ankh-ology? “Tribal jewelry is very cool. It’s been around forever and always works,” says designer Betsey Johnson. Meanwhile, Brian Mahon, the Veronica’s Closet costume supervisor for men, was thinking of more practical stuff. “The character [guest star Billy Connolly] was wearing all black,” he says, “so we needed jewelry to accent the outfit.”

The Wedding Singer
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