Feb. 2, 1985

Action star Harrison Ford, between Indiana Jones movies, stars with Kelly McGillis in Witness, about a homicide detective who takes refuge in Pennsylvania’s Amish country. McGillis will later fall for Tom Cruise in 1986’s testosterone-fueled jet opera Top Gun, then fade from view. While Ford’s next film, 1986’s Mosquito Coast, will be a dud, he’ll become the best-loved actor of his generation; TV viewers enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and infamous with hit prime-time soaps Dynasty and Dallas. Dynasty resident tramp/ fashion plate Heather Locklear will go on to become Melrose Place‘s resident vixen/fashion plate in 1992; Topping the best-seller list is Chrysler chief Lee Iacocca’s autobio, Iacocca, a paean to the work ethic and Reaganomics; And in the news, the U.S. jobless rate soars to a sobering 7.3 percent, in hindsight a harbinger of 1987’s coming stock market crash.

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