The Spice Girls dolls come to the US, just in time for the premiere of Spice World

Color Us Giddy: Here come the Spice Girl dolls! Although they’ve been selling out in the U.K. since December (so far Sporty has been the most popular), the 11 1/2-inch playthings are only now hitting U.S. shores, going on sale in February. Each comes with her own back-of-the-box bio, personalized meanderings on the meaning of life (“Just do it like a lady,” says Posh), and individually tailored accessories (Baby has a white teddy backpack; Ginger wields a video camera). All are armed with that winning “girl pow-ah” smile — except Posh, who is immortalized with a dour crinkle. How will they fare? “What works internationally doesn’t always work here,” says toy analyst Jim Silver. “This isn’t going to be an Elmo situation.” Still, the timing has been carefully planned: Their feature film, Spice World, opens Jan. 23. Given that it debuted at No. 1 in England when it opened on Dec. 26, it may be a Spice world after all.