Samuel L. Jackson starts the Hollywood trend of Kangol caps

Who needs product placement when you’ve got Samuel L. Jackson? A longtime fan of Kangol caps, Jackson saw his fanaticism for them rub off on Quentin Tarantino, who thought the headgear was perfect for Jackson’s smooth-talking gun dealer in Jackie Brown. Pam Grier got one too, and now the Kangol is in more scenes than Bridget Fonda. Then Miramax used it as a promotional tool (Rosie O’Donnell wore one for a Jackson appearance). Although the Kangol hasn’t helped Jackie‘s box office, its English manufacturer reports a significant leap in inquiries about the 60-year-old cap, which, by the way, was the trademark of another flashy guy — British WWII hero field marshall Bernard Montgomery. “That’s quite a jump,” says company president Doug Pleasanton, “from one to the other.”