A Rock God's Cricket Site

It’s only cricket, but Mick Jagger likes it. In fact, when the Rolling Stones’ Bridges to Babylon tour led him to North America — where he couldn’t always get the scores or highlights he wanted — he felt the need for emotional rescue. So last fall the rock titan launched Jagged Internetworks to cybercast cricket on the Web. Technology was no problem: The Stones’ own site already employed RealVideo and QuickTime. In collaboration with the existing site CricInfo (http://www.cricket.org), Jagged netcast last month’s Akai Singer Champions Trophy tournament from the United Arab Emirates. Fans could follow live audio and catch video highlights later at www-uk.cricket.org/link_to_database/SUPPORT/JAGGED. “Cricket is a very big game around the world,” Jagger says on the site, “so it’s perfect for the Internet.” Indeed, the rocker is bullish about the Web’s potential: “In a few years, the Internet will be a huge player in sports broadcasting across the globe.”