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Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet: January 30, 1998

1 Brett Butler There’s no place for immature behavior in television. Unless you’re an executive.

2 Jenny McCarthy She’s suing her book publisher for $200,000. Someone told her it was the biggest number in the world.

3 Ving Rhames The actor generously gave away his Golden Globe award to Jack Lemmon. Several actors are looking up the word generously right now.

4 Phantoms In this film almost an entire town gets wiped out by something underground. It’s Jerry Springer, isn’t it?

5 John Glenn The 76-year-old astronaut is getting special training for his second spaceflight. They’re teaching him how to turn off the shuttle’s left-turn signal.

6 The Super Bowl Advertisers are paying a reported $2.6 million a minute to reach a highly coveted audience. More than 70 million overweight drunks.

7 Snoop Doggy Dogg The rapper is leaving Death Row Records because he feared for his life. He feels much safer with his new label — Solitary Confinement.

8 Dawson’s Creek A new show about teens preoccupied with sex. Normally, you’d have to go to a mall to see that.

9 Spice World A film about a few days in the life of a Spice Girl. Let’s hope it’s not all museum visits and charity work.

10 American Music Awards The requirements are tough. You actually have to show up to get one.

11 The Gingerbread Man A Southern lawyer helps a woman possibly being stalked by her father in this John Grisham tale. In collaboration with Jeff Foxworthy.

12 Q and Z The long-missing letters are starting to appear on new phones. Because Tariq Aziz wants a vanity number.

13 ER NBC has agreed to pay the producers $13 million an episode. How unlucky can you get?

14 Hugh Hefner “Dear Playboy Adviser: My ‘playmate for lifetime’ and kids moved out of my mansion. Do I serve red or white wine?”

15 Bad Frog Beer The brew with a finger-flipping frog on the label. The dirtier the glass, the better it tastes.

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