Half Baked

Whoa, dude, am I having a flashback? First they start cranking out teen slasher flicks again, and now they’ve made Half Baked, the first pothead comedy since…uh…I forget, man, but if you thought that was funny, you’re gonna love this, ’cause it’s about these three blunt-smoking pals who have to get a fourth buddy out of jail, so they sell this reefer they steal from a lab, and… I know it doesn’t sound funny, man, but this guy Dave Chappelle actually cracked up the non-toker in the row behind me, and there are cameos by, like, Jon Stewart and Willie Nelson and Janeane Garofalo and Snoop Doggy Dogg, and some of them, like, make you laugh; and I went with my grandpa, who gets really good “medicinal” pot for his glaucoma, and he says it’s the kind of movie the Bowery Boys would be making if they were around and, like, they were cool. And I said, yeah. Exactly. D+

Half Baked
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