This week: Jenny McCarthy, Suzanne Somers, and more

SNOW TIME Jenny McCarthy‘s NBC sitcom may have been yanked, but Suzanne Somers just might have another role lined up for the goofy actress. Last year, on MTV’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, the blond duo teamed up for a bizarre mother-daughter skit that resuscitated Somers’ ditsy Three’s Company character, Chrissy Snow. “Jenny and I loved doing that so much that I put together a package for a feature,” says Somers. The concept, explains the ThighMaster pitchwoman, would be to follow the adventures of “‘the two dumbest women on the face of the earth.” As for McCarthy’s take on “The Dumbheads,” as Somers has dubbed the project, “we like the concept,” says McCarthy’s manager, Ray Manzella. “But right now it’s just hypothetical.” Somers, meanwhile, is undaunted in her enthusiasm to come and knock on our doors again. “Jenny is the only other person who gets the heart and soul of that character,” she says. “She idolizes Chrissy.” High praise indeed.

A DOG’S LIFE Nicholson, Schmicholson. The actor who really gets audiences cheering during As Good as It Gets is Jill…the dog. “[She] is the ultimate star of the movie,” concedes second fiddle Greg Kinnear. Jill’s scene-stealing mugging as Verdell, Kinnear’s pet fur ball — technically, a Brussels griffon — has critics howling Oscar. Okay, not really. But even if there were a four-legged award category, the Academy might have trouble deciding whom to bless with a statuette. Although Jill’s been lapping up the spotlight, five pooches actually shared the role with her in the production. Two other Brussels griffons, Timer and Billy, are credited as Supporting Dogs, while three others, Sprout, Debbie, and Parfait, aren’t even named because, says trainer Roger Schumacher, they weren’t used enough. “Poor Timer,” says Kinnear of the dog who performed most of the long-distance shots. “She was the workhorse. She’d have everything choreographed and do her scene flawlessly, but then for the close-up she’d be lifted up, pulled out, and inserted with Jill. You could just hear Timer saying ‘Look, I can run circles around this bitch.'”

As Good As It Gets
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