Event Horizon

The title Event Horizon sounds like a three-day corporate retreat, and the movie itself slowly lulls the viewer to sleep with its sci-fi/horror unoriginality. Spaceship captain Fishburne and crew — plus mad-any-minute-now scientist Neill — investigate a ghost ship that’s returned from another dimension; when said dimension turns out to actually be hell, the movie plunges into gory pulp goofiness. Still, director Paul Anderson does an impressive job of genetic recombination, cribbing plot elements from Alien, Solaris, Hellraiser, and The Shining, and even specific shots from The Haunting and Don’t Look Now. And on video, the movie’s not a total loss, since the freeze-frame button lets you enjoy every last shot of maggot-encrusted corpses. Will you be having fries with that? C-

Event Horizon
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