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Royal Warriors

ROYAL WARRIORS Michelle Yeoh, Henry Sanada (1986, Tai Seng, unrated, $59.95, subtitled) Yeoh’s success as Tomorrow Never Dies’ kick-butt Bond girl gives Tai Seng the perfect excuse to step up the U.S. release of old Hong Kong vehicles. This is one of her earliest (she was still known as Michelle Khan), and even here she displays the moves that have made her a distaff Jackie Chan. The plot, in which she plays a cop marked for murder by a vengeful gang, goes out of its way to pull your heartstrings by killing off innocent loved ones. But Yeoh makes the payback worth waiting for: The sight of this 5-foot-4 slip of a thing flying through the air and leg-whipping big, bad thugs just never gets old. B-

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Royal Warriors

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