By Caren Weiner Campbell
Updated January 23, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

This feature-length vehicle for Jennifer Aniston, the perky Friends star, truly seems to belong on the small screen. For one thing, Picture Perfect‘s premise—contrived by director-cowriter Glenn Gordon Caron, the creator of Moonlighting—is a ready-for-prime-time confection: To advance her career and entice an office lothario (Kevin Bacon), Aniston?s Kate claims to be engaged to an out-of-towner she hardly knows, a wedding videographer played with quiet sweetness by Jay Mohr. From there, this warm and cozy, predictable tale goes down as easily as tapioca pudding. Just as with a 22-minute sitcom, Caron seems to say, all?s well because the end?s swell. But that picture of life is just a little too perfect. B-