Will they win, place, or show?

By Andrew Essex
Updated January 23, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Get ready to place your bets: Here are seven more games of chance to wager on.

— JEWEL The wonder of the tundra tests boundaries with a poetry book and memoir for HarperCollins, which paid her $2 million. But can she handle iambic pentameter?

— MIGHTY JOE YOUNG This $80 million remake stars a mild-mannered, not particularly monstrous ape on a rampage. But following in Godzilla’s footsteps is going to be hard on this bit of monkey business.

LETHAL WEAPON 4 With no fear that the franchise may be tapped out, Mel Gibson plunges into No. 4. Chris Rock joins in as a cop involved with Danny Glover’s daughter, but LW4 needs mondo box office just to cover the paychecks (such as Gibson’s $20 million up front against a percentage of the gross).

PRIMARY COLORS John Travolta morphs into Joe Klein’s Prez wannabe. Politics on film generally means mixed poll results, but with comeback actor playing comeback candidate, there’s reason to hope.

THE THIN RED LINE Everyone from George Clooney to Woody Harrelson enlisted in Terrence Malick’s big return film about Guadalcanal, due in late ’98. But if another star-studded World War II movie — Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, with Tom Hanks — beats it to theaters this summer, victory is less than assured.

ANNE RICE: THE SERIES The goth mistress conjures the supernatural CBS police drama Rag & Bone. It should materialize this fall — if the cop-and-his-partner-the-ghost pilot gets the green light.

The Mask of Zorro Antonio Banderas stars in TriStar’s $65 million-plus swordsman flick. It could be the corniest revival of the year.