The Inside Scoop On The Book World

By EW Staff
Updated January 23, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

SONNY’S LEGACY Among the unfinished business Sonny Bono left behind when he died in a skiing accident was a book: The entertainer-turned-congressman had inked with St. Martin’s in 1996 to write Mr. Bono Goes to Washington, a humorous collection of true-life tales about his political adventures. St. Martin’s senior editor Robert Weil, who’d signed up the book, doesn’t know how far Bono got with it. ”He was keeping notes on his experiences in Washington, and when he felt the time was right, he said we would get the manuscript,” says Weil. Bono’s spokesman, Frank Cullen, who was working with him on the book, was attending the funeral and could not be reached.

EXES MARK THE SPOT Old flame Barbra Streisand and ex-wife Melanie Griffith are probably dismayed that Don Johnson has decided to write a no-holds-barred memoir. But they might not have much to worry about: Because the former Miami Vice star has declined to submit either a proposal or a sample chapter to prospective publishers, he hasn’t been able to drum up much interest in the project. ”There was nothing on paper,” says an editor at a major trade house who was approached by Johnson’s agent, Maureen Regan, over a month ago. ”She was trying to sell it just on his name, which didn’t show much commitment on his part. And look [how low] the ratings are for Nash Bridges [Johnson’s latest television vehicle].” Regan counters that Johnson can’t afford to write a proposal: ”He has some really great stories that nobody’s ever heard, and if he puts them down in a proposal, they’ll be out in the rags the next day,” she says. Though she acknowledges this may not be the best time to sell a celebrity book, given the high-profile failures of the past year, Regan insists, ”This is the story of an incredible life.”