A while back, there was a rash of photo books about babies. This seems like the Year of the Canine (the President’s puppy purchase proved prescient). As you paw through pages of pulchritudinous pooches, carefully ponder the term dog-eared.

— AJ

HAPPY MOTORING! CANINE LIFE IN THE FAST LANE, by Jon Winokur and Norrie Epstein (Abbeville, $14.95) A whole range of Rovers, looking perfectly at home on jump seats, astride the backs of motorcycles, and — what’s this? — behind the wheel.

DOG STORIES, by Dylan Schaffer, photographs by Jon Weber (Chronicle, $12.95) Zen-ishly plumbs the furry ones’ hypothetical inner lives. (”Am I behind the fence, or are you?”)

PUPPIES, by William Wegman (Hyperion, $24.95) The Weimaraner Republic’s undisputed leader shows his soft spot for that dignified breed’s squishy younger generation.

JUNK YARD DOGS and William Shakespeare, by Mark Lamonica (Woodford, $12.95) The Bard’s doggerel, juxtaposed with wistful curs in trashy surroundings reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann’s…Rrromeo and Juliet.

FOUND DOGS, by Elise Lufkin, photographs by Diana Walker (Howell Book House, $17.95) Strays’ happy endings, thanks to generous souls like Jamie Lee Curtis and Bobby Short.

FIRST DOGS, by Roy Rowan and Brooke Janis (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, $17.95) A history of presidential Buddies, from the 1700s to Nixon’s Checkered past to Millie, that lap dog-turned-litterateur.