A day-to-day guide to notable programs. Times are Eastern standard and are subject to change.

MONDAY January 12

PAY PER VIEW FACE/OFF (R) John Woo’s shoot-’em-up about a heroic cop (John Travolta) and his megalomaniacal nemesis (Nicolas Cage) who cosmetically swap countenances is a giddily over-the-top thrill ride.

8:30-9PM EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND (CBS, TV-PG) Like a wheel of vintage provolone, the visit of Ray’s great-aunt Sarina from Italy is a whiff of Old World goodness that soon enough turns into a lingering funk.

9-9:30PM GEORGE & LEO (CBS, TV-G) Leo has a heart attack and, believing he’s about to buy it, resolves to make amends to his nine ex-spouses.

9-10PM BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (The WB, TV-PG) Two bloodsuckers from the Old West come to Sunnydale, fixin’ to leave Buffy pushing up daisies.

EXTRA CHEESE 9:15-11PM THE OMEGA MAN (American Movie Classics, PG) It may be American, and it may be a movie, but to call Charlton Heston’s 1971 apocalyptic adventure a classic is the ironic understatement of the year. Bravo, AMC!

KELLEY’S HEROES 10-11PM THE PRACTICE (ABC, TV-14-S) After winding up 1997 with a handful of holdover installments from last season, David E. Kelley’s legal drama is back with fresh episodes and this season’s marquee cast addition, Lara Flynn Boyle. Tonight, though, Lisa Gay Hamilton’s spunky Rebecca (above left, with Dylan McDermott) finally gets her close-up as she witnesses a murder in a convenience store and fingers a suspect in a lineup, then finds her life threatened by his vengeance-minded brother.

TUESDAY January 13

8:30-9PM NEWSRADIO (NBC, TV-PG) Matthew’s back at WNYX and Lisa wastes no time cracking the whip on him. Meanwhile Dave is visited by some college pals, an a cappella group called Chock Full O’ Notes and featuring guest star Bob Odenkirk.

9-9:30PM FRASIER (NBC, TV-PG) We don’t know what we did to deserve the return of Marsha Mason’s loathsome Sherry; we do know that Frasier and Niles’ frenzied suspicion that she and Marty are betrothed is the stuff of high comedy.

10-11PM NYPD BLUE (ABC) Simone and Sipowicz look for a murderer who entombed his victim in an elaborately carved makeshift coffin, in an episode penned by Blue masterminds David Milch and Bill Clark.

DOWN MEMORY LANE 8-8:30PM MAD ABOUT YOU (NBC, TV-PG) Guest star Nathan Lane (above left) flexes his sitcom chops in preparation for his own upcoming NBC vehicle. He plays Nathan Twilley, the film professor who, way back when, enlightened — and deflowered — Jamie. After asking Paul to deliver a guest lecture to his class, he becomes convinced that Paul is out to kill him. Coincidentally enough, the episode also marks a mini-Birdcage reunion, with Hank Azaria (right) returning as Nat the dog walker.

WEDNESDAY January 14

8-9PM STAR TREK: VOYAGER (UPN, TV-PG) The crew looks to Chakotay to help it combat a species with superior knowledge of the human dream world.

8-9PM BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 (Fox, TV-PG) That dang Valerie! Wait till Noah finds out she’s been letting a bookie do business at After Dark.

8:30-9PM MURPHY BROWN (CBS, TV-PG) Chemotherapy leaves Murphy wearing a wig and joining a cancer support group. There, she’s joined by guest stars Marcia Wallace, Susan Moore, and Wendie Jo Sperber, all of whom have had real-life bouts with cancer.

9-9:30PM 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN (NBC, TV-PG) From the sublime to the ridiculous: In ”Moby Dick,” a heartsick Professor Solomon seeks solace in food and winds up in a support group called Fat Losers.

PARTY? HARDLY! 9-10PM PARTY OF FIVE (Fox, TV-PG-DL) If, after Murphy Brown, you’re hankering for a second dose of cancer-centric programming, check out PO5’s malignant arc. Julia takes over for ailing Charlie (Matthew Fox, above, with Paula Devicq) as the man of the Salinger house, leaving hubby Griffin overwhelmed with his in-laws’ demands.

10-11PM CHICAGO HOPE (CBS, TV-14) This just in from our subtle-as-an-anvil-symbolism department: During a power outage, Shutt treats a devout young woman who starts bleeding stigmatically in mid-surgery.

THURSDAY January 15

8-8:30PM FRIENDS (NBC, TV-PG) Phoebe decides to become a surrogate mom for Frank Jr. and Alice, and undergoes an embryo implant.

9-9:30PM SEINFELD (NBC, TV-PG) Elaine gets a load of yet another Puddy quirk when her lunkheaded boyfriend shows up in a fur coat. Meanwhile, Newman is threatened with eviction.

10-11PM ER (NBC, TV-PG-V) Hathaway cares for an elderly rape victim, Jeanie is asked to look after Anspaugh’s cancer-stricken son, and Weaver challenges Ellis’ budget cuts.

SHE’LL BE BACK 9-11PM ON THE LINE (ABC, TV-14-LV) The Terminator’s Linda Hamilton (above right) plays — you guessed it — an odds-defying heroine, this time as the lone female in a detective squad and a single mother. Jeff Fahey and rapper Coolio (left) costar in the TV movie as two of her colleagues.

FRIDAY January 16

SERIES FINALE 8-9PM THE VISITOR (Fox, TV-PG-V) John Corbett’s otherworldly Good Samaritan heads back into the ether (you’re devastated, we know), but not before salvaging a holy site in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

9-11PM* SURVIVING THE BOTTOM LINE (PBS) Journalist Hedrick Smith hosts the four-hour series, which discusses how the robust U.S. economy can — and should — help Main Street as well as Wall Street. (Concludes Jan. 23.) *CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS

10-11PM NASH BRIDGES (CBS, TV-14-LV) Before going legit with NBC News, Geraldo Rivera signs on for another cameo as his favorite character — himself — when he visits Nash and Joe for a profile of the SFPD.

CLASSY CAMEOS 10-11PM HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET (NBC, TV-14) ”Most of the popular arts of the moment are hardly in the excellent category, but hooray for the things that are well done, and this show definitely is.” Thus says Steve Allen (above, left, with Richard Belzer), who guest-stars with wife Jayne Meadows as an eccentric couple lending some unusual assistance to Munch and Kellerman’s investigation of an alleged suicide. Maybe the showbiz legends will re-create the Emmy-nominated magic they brought to producer Tom Fontana’s previous cocreation, St. Elsewhere, in 1987.

SATURDAY January 17

8-9PM THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (CBS, TV-14-SV) Call this one a high nooner. The crusading cowboys rescue a house full of whores from their sadistic overseer (guest star Barry Corbin).

NEW NIGHT 8-9PM NOTHING SACRED (ABC, TV-PG-L) The controversial drama moves to Sabbath’s eve, as St. Thomas contends with a visit from the bishop’s hypercritical envoy.

9-10PM CRACKER (ABC, TV-14-LV) On his Saturday debut, Fitz pursues a serial killer bent on avenging his wife’s traumatic injury, while at home Judith owns up to an indiscretion. (Part 1 of 2.)

SOLE MAN 8-11PM JERRY MAGUIRE (Showtime, R) Cameron Crowe’s 1996 romantic blockbuster, starring Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger, hits the small screen with a little something extra: a scene, cut from the theatrical release, featuring Jerry’s star client, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr., above), hawking Reebok sneakers in a TV ad.

SUNDAY January 18

4-7PM 48TH NHL ALL-STAR GAME (Fox) Football’s pre- Super Bowl bye week gives hockey’s star-studded showdown a Sunday-afternoon spotlight, live from Vancouver.

WHICH LIFETIME? 8-11PM THE 55TH ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS (NBC, TV-PG) The Hollywood Foreign Press Association doles out its increasingly influential kudos and singles out Shirley MacLaine for a lifetime-achievement nod.

9-11PM ALIEN INVASION WEEK (TLC) The paranoia-thon uses hard-science and hardly-science programming to muse upon the existence of extraterrestrial life. (Airs through Jan. 25.)

9-11PM BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE (CBS) Gena Rowlands and Linda Lavin star in a TV movie depicting the changes in two women’s lives following their husbands’ deaths.

9-10PM THE X-FILES (Fox, TV-PG-V) Ah, Cancer Man, we hardly knew ye…. This compelling hoot of an episode from last season tells the story of the nefarious nicotine addict’s fall from literary aspiration and rise to clandestine dark prince. (Or does it?) (R)

9-11PM NIGHTMARE STREET (ABC) Angling to steal some of X’s paranormal thunder, ABC offers this telemovie with Sherilyn Fenn as a woman who awakens from a car accident to find herself living in a parallel universe. Dharma & Greg’s Thomas Gibson and The Practice’s Steve Harris costar.

REMEMBERING THE ALAMO 8-10PM TWO FOR TEXAS (TNT, TV-14-LV) ”These are guys who are really looking for what it means to be alive,” says Kris Kristofferson (above left, with Scott Bairstow), citing just one of the many tried-and-true motifs evident in the historical feature. Two more are the convicts-turned-heroes angle and the antiheroic father figure as role model. Kristofferson and Bairstow play cellmates who bond inside and bust out of a Louisiana penal colony in the 1830s and go on to distinguish themselves in Sam Houston’s volunteer army.


THE GUEST LIST Look Who’s on The Couch This Week (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

THE VIEW Monday Dionne Warwick Tuesday Kris Kristofferson Wednesday Linda Dano Thursday Jennifer Love Hewitt Friday Designer Bob Mackie

ROSIE O’DONNELL Monday Tracey Ullman, Kris Kristofferson, John Dye (Touched by an Angel), Tommy Hilfiger Tuesday Kate Winslet Thursday Designer Cynthia Rowley Friday Kenneth Branagh, Linda Lavin, musical guest Patti LaBelle

VIBE Monday Pam Grier Tuesday Lela Rochon, Denise Austin Wednesday Webster stars Emmanuel Lewis, Susan Clark, and Alex Karras Thursday Denzel Washington, Dave Chappelle Friday Djimon Hounsou, Penelope Ann Miller

REGIS & KATHIE LEE Monday Kevin Pollak, David Boreanaz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Tuesday Tracey Ullman, Bruce Boxleitner Wednesday Lea Thompson, Fran Drescher, Lucy Lawless, Cybill Shepherd Thursday Bryant Gumbel, Diane Sawyer, Deborah Norville Friday Bob Eubanks, musical guest Brandy

DAVID LETTERMAN Monday Robin Williams, Dave Chappelle Tuesday Bill Pullman, Jim Breuer (Saturday Night Live) Wednesday Matt Lauer, Martin Scorsese Thursday Kenneth Branagh, Gloria Reuben, musical guests the Spice Girls Friday Ben Stiller, Sandra Bernhard