Does anyone care about Sophia Loren anymore? Sure, she was once a great star, but she doesn’t get more than a paparazzi shot in People these days, so why this exhaustive book? You’ll still be asking that after slogging through Warren G. Harris’s plodding bio of her poverty-stricken early years, her 72 films, her marriage to producer/ Svengali Carlo Ponti, her maybe liaisons with costars from Peter Sellers to Cary Grant, her miscarriages, her sunglasses endorsements—even her measurements (oddly referred to as her ”breastwork”). The only place it doesn’t go is below her glossy surface. If you wonder how a celeb deals with the waning of her star, the answer isn’t here. If, however, you’re dying to know that ”Sophia may have been the only star to work with all three of the major Hollywood directors bearing the family name Mann,” this is the book for you. C-