Hold on to your pink plastic, folks. Back in December we asked readers to vote on which celebrity most resembled Mattel’s revamped Barbie — Naomi Judd, Natalie Portman, or Valerie Bertinelli. Well, the results are in. And the winner is…Naomi Judd (below) by a landslide (44 out of 93 responses). Portman came in with a slim 7 votes, while Bertinelli drew a mere 4. Meanwhile, we were very impressed with some of the write-in candidates. Along with Jaclyn Smith and Priscilla Presley, one reader suggested ”Mary Hart with the neck of [French actress]Charlotte Gainsbourg (Jane Eyre).” (Clearly, a carefully thought out answer.) Another found the new Barbie ”disturbingly similar to Charo.” But the postcard that was most from the edge? ”The new Barbie looks like what Michael Jackson’s new baby will look like [at] 5,” observed one reader. ”Remember, Barbie was not born, but created.”