CAREER GIRLS Katrin Cartlidge, Lynda Steadman (1997, FoxVideo, R, $99.99) Secrets & Lies director Mike Leigh sounds the reconciliation theme again with this poignant opposites-attract comedy about two college roommates who reunite six years after graduation, having traded obsessions with sex, drugs, and the Cure for more adult preoccupations like real estate. As shy paper pusher Annie (Steadman) helps acerbic yuppie Hannah (Cartlidge) shop for a London flat, the film flashes back to the former misfits’ squalid but heady youth. Leigh favors emotional realism over plot plausibility — three players from their stray-cats days pop up to provoke more revelations — but he earns his sentiment, drumming up empathy even for Cartlidge’s callow misanthrope. Beware: Some of her thickly accented diatribes are hard to follow (but well worth catching), so keep the rewind button handy. B