”I haven’t become so sick that I think I’m Bond. But when the cameras roll and [I’m] pretending to be this character, then…it’s like I’m 007. I’m getting paid to do…underwater sequences and hang off buildings. But I’ve got a healthy outlook on who I am and what I’m about.” — Tomorrow Never Dies’ PIERCE BROSNAN on E! Online

”I had five different sets of breast implants. What finally made me stop was having someone…who loved me unconditionally, who didn’t care if I had breasts…. That made me decide to remove [the implants]. It’s the kind of love children should get from their parents. I just got my unconditional love later in life.” — Talk-show host JENNY JONES on America Online

”I think [the Titanic disaster has] parallels today. The closest thing I can think of is the silicon chip…. We’re all kind of bowing to this computer god, thinking it’s going to fix everything and we’re geniuses for inventing this. And, you know, I just think we should pay attention to disasters of the past.” — Titanic’s BILLY ZANE on RoughCut Online

”I didn’t become an actress to make a lot of money and to be famous and be a star. I said [to Quentin Tarantino], ‘I’ve been doing theater. I did Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune, which I gained 80 pounds for…’ I couldn’t see my feet. I was huge…. Sometimes I would go back to the theater and cry because my feelings were hurt by the way people treated me. But it was the best love story ever. I said if I never work again, it’s the best love story ever.” — Jackie Brown’s PAM GRIER on RoughCut Online

”I used to like country [music], till it really got me depressed when I listened to the words. If you listen to the words, you hear, ‘Sorry I left you, honey, for screwing another girl,’ or, ‘The truck killed the dog,’ and those are depressing lyrics.” — Basketball bad boy DENNIS RODMAN on AOL

”I heard that Isaac Mizrahi did this radio show and said he loves furs [recycled from old garments]. I think it’s sick…. I’m very against fur…. Call me a hypocrite — I have a lot of shoes that are leather — but cows are not raised just to be made into a cute pair of shoes.” — Singled Out’s CARMEN ELECTRA on AOL’s The Hub