Stars share their New Year's resolutions for 1998.

JEFFREY KATZENBERG ”More. Better. Bigger.”

JOHN SINGLETON ”To work harder.”

CHRISTIAN SLATER ”Constant, never-ending improvement.”

ELMORE LEONARD ”To finish [writing] that book that I’m a third of the way into. It’s a sequel to Get Shorty.”

MILLA JOVOVICH ”To not be a quitter.”

DJIMON HOUNSOU (Amistad) ”Get a job where I’m not in chains.”

DANNY DEVITO ”I’m going to see more movies.”

MELISSA MATHISON (screenwriter, Kundun) ”To read more. This past year has been so busy that I haven’t read, so I want to get back to my good reading habits.”

DAVID SCHWIMMER ”Take more time to relax. Last year I worked much too hard. It was almost unhealthy.”

NATHAN LANE ”To have more fun. I want to take in more and enjoy it more.”

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR ”To take a little more time. This has been a really overwhelming year, but I’ve been so busy I don’t know if I’ve taken the time to just sit back and see it and enjoy it.”

DEBBIE ALLEN (producer, Amistad) ”To get some sleep, honey.”

MICHAEL RICHARDS ”Sustain my concentration and try not to be too hard on myself along the way. ”

HEATHER THOMAS ”To be kinder to myself.”

NEVE CAMPBELL ”To make more time for the people I love, friends and family.”

PIERCE BROSNAN ”Spend more time with family.”

PAM GRIER (Jackie Brown) ”To be a better woman to my man [record producer Kevin Evans].”

KASI LEMMONS (director-screenwriter, Eve’s Bayou) ”Worry less, sleep more, spend more time with my son.”

GWEN STEFANI ”To stay home with my little baby niece.”

MONTEL WILLIAMS ”To be extra good to my family.”

RICK JAMES ”To be a great father to my son and leave drugs alone.”

JAMES TAYLOR ”To stay sober, leave drugs alone, play with my 5-year-old son.”

FRAN DRESCHER ”To continue to enjoy my life and pray for health and happiness for my loved ones.”

TOM EVERETT SCOTT (An American Werewolf in Paris) ”To have people not think I’m Tom Hanks or Kirk Cameron.”

DAVID ARQUETTE ”To be a better person.”

MIRA SORVINO ”I don’t know—maybe try to be a better person next year.”

ARSENIO HALL ”To try to eat better.”

JENNIFER TILLY ”I always make the same one every year. I’ve been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for 10 years, so I’m sure I’ll make the same one again. Or maybe this year I’ll resolve to not be so hard on myself. Then I won’t have to do anything.”

SEAN ”PUFFY” COMBS ”To drink more water and stop eating after midnight, because it feels like it’s starting to slow me down as I get older. ”

MELISSA JOAN HART (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) ”To start taking ballet again and maintain a steady diet.”

PATRICIA ARQUETTE ”To quit smoking.”

MICHAEL DOUGLAS ”To stop smoking…I’ve stopped a couple times. I’ll do anything I can.”

PAUL NEWMAN ”I will jump in the river that runs through our backyard, every morning. Why? Just to get my heart started.”