Rape Case: Growing Up Rich and Out of Control

It’s safe to say the people of wealthy, idyllic Darien, Conn., won’t like this book. Back in 1987, when he was 19, hometown boy Alex Kelly (who refused to talk to Sheila Weller for this book) fled the U.S. to live an eight-year extreme-sports life in Europe, financed largely by his parents, while he evaded trial for the alleged rapes of two young women. (Since his return, he has been convicted in one of the cases and awaits trial in the other, for which he’s pleaded not guilty.) Weller, the first writer to allege that Kelly raped or tried to rape at least three other girls who didn’t press charges, provides an incisive, damning portrait of a serial rapist in Saint of Circumstance: The Untold Story Behind the Alex Kelly Rape Case: Growing Up Rich and Out of Control—and of the affluent town he was raised in, where parents were often more concerned with maintaining appearances than with curbing the wild behavior of their kids. A

Rape Case: Growing Up Rich and Out of Control
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