For Richer or Poorer

Last year, quintessential aging yuppie Tim Allen turned to the Simple Folk of the South American wilds for Jungle 2 Jungle, an intermittently funny lesson in what can be gained when one divests oneself of material stuff. This time he turns to the Simple Folk of the Pennsylvania Amish community for a refresher course, with diminishing comedic returns. (Where next? Hasidic Brooklyn?) Allen and Kirstie Alley play a rich, shallow, bickering couple in trouble with the IRS, who pass themselves off as Amish brethren to hide from the tax man, only to discover that there really is something inspiring about their hosts’ quaint ways. The broadness of the premise is surpassed only by the coarse noisiness of the stars: Who’d have thought that Allen would be the subtle one in this crude equation? D

For Richer or Poorer
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