New Simon & Schuster lands DiMaggio bio, 'Goosebumps' headed to big screen

BOYS’TOWN David Rosenthal, the new publisher at Simon & Schuster, has been busy these last few weeks. In addition to bringing Richard Ben Cramer‘s biography of Joe DiMaggio to S&S from Random House (where he originally signed it up for a rumored $800,000), Rosenthal has also enticed Ed McBain to move his 87th Precinct series to S&S from Warner. And Jeffery Deaver (A Maiden’s Grave), who recently moved from Viking to Random for a two-book, seven-figure deal, has also followed Rosenthal to his new home (his first S&S title, The Coffin Dancer, will be out in the fall). ”We’re getting some boys’ books going here,” says Rosenthal, who paid $600,000 for the next work by doctor author Sherwin Nuland, who will delve into the mythology surrounding internal organs. Nuland’s previous three books, including the best-seller How We Die, were published by Knopf.

A TATTLE TALE Mike Walker, gossip columnist for the National Enquirer and coauthor of Faye Resnick‘s Nicole Brown Simpson: Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, has penned a novel. Agent Caron K sold Walker’s Malicious Intent to Bancroft Press for five figures. The novel, about a Shannen Doherty-like starlet and a deranged stalker, ”delivers a clear sense of the seedy underbelly of celebrity lives and the professional life of those who write about them,” says Bancroft editor Fred White.

SCARE TACTICS Finally, a movie tie-in: Goosebumps—the most popular children’s book series of all time and the basis for the hit Fox TV show—is on its way to becoming a feature film. Fox Family Films has reached a deal with the series’ astonishingly prolific (one title a month) author, R.L. Stine. He’ll collaborate on the movie with Tim Burton (Mars Attacks!), who will produce. ”I think you’ll see us tackling a scale of story that would be prohibitive to do on the small screen,” says Fox Family Films president Chris Meledandri. Meanwhile, Stine is pushing the Goosebumps books into slightly scarier terrain with the Goosebumps Series 2000, debuting this month.