Miramax overestimates Scream 2 haul and Chris Rock turns down Sanford and Son.

BLOOD MONEY When Miramax reported Dec. 15 that its Dimension release Scream 2 (starring Neve Campbell) grossed a record $39.2 million during its opening weekend, the company’s estimate was high. Four days later, Miramax admitted the movie had earned $33 million (more than enough to keep it at No. 1). While cochairman Harvey Weinstein called the flub an innocent mistake—claiming that the demand from exhibitors was so great the company lost track of how many screens the movie was playing on—insiders credit Disney, Miramax’s corporate parent, with insisting on the correction. This isn’t the first time Miramax’s numbers have come into question: Industry skeptics claimed that Scream‘s gross topped out in the mid-80s, a charge Miramax has strongly denied, standing by the movie’s final gross of $103 million. —Gregg Kilday

ROCK AND ROLES Everybody, it seems, wants super-hot comic Chris Rock for their movie—he’s already lined up to do Lethal Weapon 4 with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, and Dogma, the new comedy from Chasing Amy‘s Kevin Smith. But one project you won’t be seeing him in is a proposed big-screen remake of the ’70s sitcom Sanford and Son. ”Someone pitched it to me the other day—I’m Lamont and Sam Jackson is Fred,” Rock reports, laughing. ”I was like, ‘Are you on crack?’ Sanford and Son wasn’t a concept, it was a guy. They called it Sanford and Son, but it was The Redd Foxx Show. If you don’t realize that, you don’t belong in show business.” Rock also passed up the opportunity to climb aboard another TV-derived feature, The Love Boat: ”I can see [a producer] putting 10 big stars in it and squeezing a hit out of it, but it’s not a movie I’d even want to see.”—Bruce Fretts