Career Advice for Seinfeld's Fabulously Wealthy Four

Sure, the Fabulously Wealthy Four can afford to spend the rest of their lives lounging around, Kramer-like. But if the Seinfeld cast members do decide to keep working, here’s EW’s unsolicited career advice:

JERRY SEINFELD needs to dust off his tux. Seinfeld says he’s going back to stand-up—a smart move. But he should do us all a favor and host every one of those normally painful awards shows: the Emmys, the Oscars, the Grammys, the VH1 Fashion Awards, the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, yada, yada, yada.

MICHAEL RICHARDS needs to get serious. To distance himself from Seinfeld‘s high-haired, pratfalling wack ball, Richards should do some Harold Pinter on Broadway. Or take over Geraldine Ferraro’s seat on CNN’s Crossfire.

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS needs to make it on her own. Though Louis-Dreyfus has said she’d never do a spin-off (meaning no Elaine!), the actress shouldn’t leave the small screen. Just as long as she doesn’t do another sitcom about a single, neurotic, urban-dwelling woman. Perhaps an updated Green Acres costarring Crazy Joe Davola?

JASON ALEXANDER needs to sing and dance. After all, if Mandy Patinkin can do it on a TV series, why not Alexander? Since Chicago Hope‘s musical episode scored such healthy ratings, the tap-happy Alexander should star in his own Doc Rock series.

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