'Alien Resurrection' spawns hoarde of tie-in websites

The Alien series spawned cyberspace outposts long before Ripley was reborn in Alien Resurrection, but it’s Twentieth Century Fox’s interactive 3-D site (http://www.alien-resurrection.com/ index.html) for the fourth episode in the film franchise that proves to be the queen of the cult. Cybernauts are beamed aboard a spooky space station to confront the cosmic riddles that threaten Ripley, then fight chest-busting, face-hugging alien life-forms in a Doom-like game. (Fox says the blood-pumping atmosphere is ”only a taste” of its upcoming Alien CD-ROM.)

Purists can forage through a remarkable online archive that goes back to The Beginning, with cast interviews and film stills from Ridley Scott’s 1979 original at Alien Legacy (cse.unl. edu/~jraises/aliens/malien.htm). Al’s Alien Page (ng.netgate. net/~alvaro/alien/alien.htm) shows clips of scenes cut from No. 2, Aliens. And fans of the critically maligned Alien3 should rejoice over the ”Why Sigourney Is Jesus” page (inkpot. com/film/alien.html).

Launched on Alien Resurrection‘s Nov. 26 opening, The Unofficial Alien 5 Site (d1o201.telia.com/~u222100164/ alien5/index.html) highlights hearsay about the series’ possible fifth installment (hottest topic: Will Sigourney Weaver direct?). Rumors, it seems, are as hard to keep down as those pesky aliens.

Alien: Resurrection
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