Jackie Brown Soundtrack, Good Will Hunting Soundtrack, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Soundtrack
Bridget Fonda, Jackie Brown (Movie - 1997)

Like parents in frantic pursuit of Beanie Babies, pop soundtracks reek of desperation?in their case, for as many hits in as many different formats as possible. But a wondrous occurrence took place this fall: Movie albums started making sense again.
Much of “Good Will Hunting” (Capitol) is given over to the twig-delicate melancholia of slacker folkie Elliott Smith, whose recurring themes?love, rejection, loneliness?are remarkably in synch with Matt Damon?s title character. Wafting through the album and film, Smith?s breathy tenor and gingerly strummed guitars are the forlorn ties that bind “Good Will Hunting” together.
Clint Eastwood always talks up his love of jazz, but he puts his money where his clenched jaw is on “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” (Malpaso/Warner Bros.). Eastwood recruited sharp players like saxist Joshua Redman to back cabaret vets (Rosemary Clooney) and jazz and pop stars (Cassandra Wilson, Paula Cole), all singing Johnny Mercer ballads. Think of it as a late-set jam at a swanky supper club.
Savvy and knowing, Quentin Tarantino?s soundtracks are always like cutting-edge oldies stations. “Jackie Brown” (Maverick) is no exception in the way it revels in unjustly forgotten, son-of-Shaft treasures like Bobby Womack?s ?Across 110th Street,? while familiar ?70s R&B hits like the Crusaders? ?Street Life? never sounded so sweetly funky. Tarantino still ?tracks it like he talks it. Good Will Hunting: A? Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: B+ Jackie Brown: A

Jackie Brown (Movie - 1997)
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