Wyclef Jean takes us through his year

”1997 was a good start for where I want to go musically in my life. I feel I’ve still got 30 years to go, but it gave me a lot of security — you can do something different and still sell a million records. I’m a big Dylan fan. I did a hip-hop-rock remix for ‘Gone Till November’ [from Jean’s album The Carnival], and there’s a line in there: ‘I had nuttin’, I had to do somethin’, so I’m knockin’ on heaven’s door like I’m Bob Dylan.’ It’s time to shoot the video, and I was brainstorming: ‘Yo, I gotta get Dylan!’ He was real cool. But for me, the Fugees’ Haiti concert was the high point, playing to 100,000 people and seeing how we’re perceived as the Beatles of Haiti. I thought Michael Jackson must be hiding in the drawer somewhere.”