''Rosie,'' ''Letterman,'' and ''The Tonight Show'' all had some wacky guests this year

Before Farrah Fawcett appeared disoriented and distracted on the June 6 Late Show With David Letterman, the year in TV talk had been relatively freak free. But Fawcett’s spot, in which she had difficulty finishing sentences and fidgeted in her seat like a toddler (”I really thought I was looking out the window!” she squealed after checking out Letterman’s miniature-Manhattan backdrop), seemed to inspire a host of others to engage in bad behavior.

On Sept. 18, NewsRadio‘s Andy Dick showed more (way more) than we needed to see when he was scheduled with Antonio Sabato Jr. on Rosie and dropped his drawers in honor of the Calvin Klein underwear model. And Whitney Houston? Oh, Whitney. The diva simply canceled her Rosie appearance at the last minute, prompting a public scolding by the host on that day’s show.

Letterman found himself in for another squirm turn Oct. 17, when upstart Gummo auteur Harmony Korine, wearing too-long pants and ratty shoes without socks, talked about everything from taping bacon on walls to the Gap to his upcoming novel (”It’s about a race war…in Florida, and the Jewish people sit in trees”).

Three weeks later, a giggly Fran Drescher told a story on The Tonight Show about badly cutting a finger and dealing with paramedics; she later admitted she made the whole thing up just to have something to say.