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By EW Staff
December 26, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST


Congratulations on an excellent cover and story for Alien Resurrection (#408, Dec. 5). Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet never ceases to amaze me and Sigourney Weaver is more stunning than ever (in the film and on your cover). Very rarely do sequels improve upon the original; however, with Aliens, Alien3 (excellent despite what most critics said), and now Resurrection, it can easily be said that sequels can be unique, creative, and of the same film quality as the original.
Joe Sowers
Delray Beach, Fla.

I am an obsessed fan of the Alien series, and I’m proud of what Twentieth Century Fox and Weaver did with this movie. Although I’m sure Sigourney will once again fail to win an Oscar, I feel she delivered the finest performance of her career. It’s refreshing to see a good Hollywood movie again.
Ben Reingold
Virginia Beach, Va.

If your Dec. 5 cover shot is any indication, we could probably all benefit from cloning — Sigourney Weaver has never looked better!
J. Anthony Crumpton


Thank you for your ”1997 Faces of AIDS” feature (News & Notes). The fact that there were fewer faces than ever is heartening. The fact that I personally knew two of the faces — one of whom was a roommate of mine — is a true tragedy.
Juan Ros
Studio City, Calif.


As a longtime subscriber to EW and Chicago stage actress, I was thrilled to see that you will now be including theater in your review sections. I’ve wished you covered more than just Broadway. I’m sure that once you start venturing out of New York, you’ll find more than enough great theater to fill your pages.
Adrienne Smith
The Free Associates
Ivanhoe Theater

It seems I’ve waited for years for EW to acknowledge what is usually the most fascinating and intelligent part of the entertainment world: the theater. Great addition. It’s about time!
Patricia Ward
Bloomington, Ind.

I was absolutely delighted to discover the new Stage section in your magazine this week. I read EW religiously, always starting with the reviews, so the new section was a wonderful surprise. The only bad news…the section is only going to be included quarterly.
Barbara Anderson
School of Drama
Carnegie Mellon University

CORRECTION: In the movie Anastasia, the Royal family was assassinated by Communist revolutionaries (Movies Parents’ Guide).