This year's best and worst movie websites, webzine names, and more

Worst Movie Website
Men in Black (www. html) An insipid, Java-bloated digital wreck that couldn’t even be redeemed by the Will Smith target-practice Net game.

Best Movie Website
Hercules ( Although Disney’s animated hero didn’t flex muscles at the box office, its companion Web home was a delightful, kid-friendly romp.

Enough. Already.
Suck, Feed, Word, Slate, Nerve, Fray, Stim, Tongue, Rage, Launch… Can someone please invent a webzine with a two-syllable name?

Ghosts In The Machine
— The Heaven’s Gate cultists may have gone to their reward, but sites created by their Higher Source design company linger on. Check out PR firm Kushner-Locke (, the San Diego Polo Club (www.sandiego — and the Christian site Keep the Faith (

Digital Babes Of the Year
— Making a splash were Japanese virtual pop idol Kyoko Date ( and vid-game heroine Lara Croft (Tomb Raider II, the U2 tour, and unofficial ”Nude Raider” sites). What’s weirder: that they exist — or that they get fan mail?

The Spot
— CompuServe
— Prodigy (well, on life support)
— The Communications Decency Act

They Have Come For Your Children

>> Your kids can use the PC to personalize Talk With Me Barbie’s vocabulary (and — eeyeww — her lips move). Or they can plug in the transmitter and listen to the Interactive Barney doll talk back to select TV shows or PC games featuring the big guy. Or they can find a friend who’s not a creepy high-tech golem.