What were the best sequel, the best celebrity memoir, and the most outrageous book of the year?

By Alexandra Jacobs
Updated December 26, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

Best Sequel
Bridges of Madison County author Robert James Waller’s wife filing for divorce

Best Cheesy Celeb Memoir
— Jenny McCarthy’s, wherein she admits to hating her breast implants

Worst Cheesy Celeb Memoir
— Erik Estrada’s, wherein he consistently refers to himself in the third person (e.g., ”Who is Erik Estrada?”)

Lam-basting of the Year
— Jerry Oppenheimer’s savory unauthorized biography of Martha Stewart, Just Desserts

More Than We Needed to Know
— ”My father pushes his tongue deep into my mouth: wet, insistent, exploring…” From Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss

Bright Lights, Not So Pretty
— Jay McInerney’s wife, Helen Bransford, penned Welcome to Your Facelift after hubby returned from interviewing Julia Roberts, reassuring his wife he’d told the star ”everything about you…everything but your age.”

Most Bodacious Blurbist
— Sharon Stone for Tall Blondes, ABC correspondent Lynn Sherr’s book about…giraffes