We total the memorials, the websites, the celebrities, and put them all in perspective

Credit: Denis Paquin/AP

The following article was originally published in December 1997.

Peak number of U.S. households tuned in to CNN’s coverage of Princess Diana’s Sept. 6 funeral: 4 MILLION

Number tuned in to CNN’s coverage of Mother Teresa’s Sept. 13 funeral: 540,000

Estimated number of Americans who watched a live broadcast of Diana’s funeral: 33 million

Number of people who attended Diana’s funeral in Westminster Abbey: 2,000

Number of A-list Hollywood celebs inside the abbey: 4 (Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg)

Number of hours after fatal Aug. 31 Paris car crash it took celebs to complain about paparazzi: APPROXIMATELY 3 (Cruise called CNN in Atlanta)

Number of stars who invoked Diana’s name during the MTV Video Music Awards: 7 (Puff Daddy, Madonna, LL Cool J, Chris Rock, Elton John, and two Spice Girls)

Time it took Bernie Taupin to rework Elton John’s ”Candle in the Wind”: 90 MINUTES

Worldwide sales figures for ”Candle in the Wind 1997”: MORE THAN 34 MILLION COPIES

Copies sold per hour in the U.S. during the single’s first week of sale, ending Sept. 28: 20,833 (according to SoundScan) Per second: 5.8

Number of rock stars who publicly criticized John’s musical eulogy: 2 (Keith Richards and Noel Gallagher)

Number of albums with the words Diana and Tribute in the title currently available: 4

Number of hours in 1997 A&E dedicated to Diana before her death: 1 Since: 21

Stories in 1997 mentioning Diana in The Wall Street Journal before her death: 10 Since: 63

Number of times ”People’s Princess” appears in newspaper headlines since her death: 236 (according to Nexis database)

Cost of one-year membership in ”adults only” website featuring photos of the crash: $16.95

Number of memorial Web pages dedicated to Diana retrieved through Yahoo!: 105

Number of memorial pages dedicated to Kurt Cobain: 6

Number of people who’ve responded to a pledge not to buy a tabloid for one year on a Diana memorial website: 20,000

Number of dresses on display in the worldwide ”Exhibition of the Dresses of Diana, Princess of Wales”: 16

Number of tickets sold during exhibit’s first stop in Tampa: 9,761

Estimated 20-day gross in Tampa: $100,000

Estimated value of Christmas card signed by Diana: $8,000

Estimated value of Christmas card signed by Jackie Onassis: $300-400

Estimated number of U.S. companies currently offering Princess Diana collectibles: 36

Sales of $350 limited-edition Diana memorial porcelain roses offered by New Jersey-based Boehm galleries: 2,000

Sales of $350 limited-edition Dodi al Fayed memorial Egyptian lotuses by Boehm: 300

Number of countries that issued commemorative stamps for Diana’s 21st birthday in 1982: 54 Since her death: 27

Estimated number of ad campaigns delayed or scrapped due to Diana’s death: 9 (foremost, a Sarah Ferguson Weight Watchers ad noting that dieting is harder than ”outrunning the paparazzi”)