Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Matt Damon, and Joe Rogan sound off.

”I think the younger actors are much more open. I mean, if I were to have a relationship with a young man in a movie, that would be the movie, that would be the story. Oh, look at this, this unique situation, whereas [when an older man is paired with a younger woman], that’s taken for granted. There’s no special explanation for it. It’s strange. I hope it’s a thing of the past because I think it’s very old-fashioned, frankly.”—Alien Resurrection‘s SIGOURNEY WEAVER on RoughCut Online

”I saw the first Alien when I was about 8. My parents left during the scene where the alien bursts out of the guy’s chest. My sister and brothers and me hid while they were cleaning the theater so we could see it again without buying a ticket. I went back about 15 times.” —Alien Resurrection‘s WINONA RYDER on E! Online

”[Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola are] both geniuses. Francis indulges the actors a lot more, whereas with Steven, it’s about his movie. But Steven’s very inclusive. He’ll get the actors together and say, ‘See, here’s what we’re gonna do. It’s gonna be a really cool shot.’ It’s kinda like being in a group of kids who stole their father’s camera and have to get it all in this one scene.” —The Rainmaker‘s MATT DAMON on E! Online

”I’ve been offered movies, but every movie I’ve been offered sucks—like playing Adam Sandler’s illegitimate retarded brother in some straight-to-video piece of ca-ca—but I would love to do something good in the future. It’s just that it’s hard when you’re doing a show that’s as funny as NewsRadio and as well written and you get an offer to do something that’s completely substandard just to break into another genre.” — NewsRadio‘s JOE ROGAN on NBC Live at Yahoo! Chat