Cindy Crawford signs $2 million deal with ABC

Cindy Crawford signs $2 million deal with ABC

No one works it better than Cindy Crawford. ABC recently swooped in and signed the supermodel to a three-year development deal, but not before Cindy C. took meetings at CBS about setting up a similar arrangement and made NBC think hard about her as the new host of Later.

The clamoring for Crawford began after the moled one turned exec heads during her recent six-week stint as Later‘s guest host. ”The ratings were higher than for any of the hosts we’ve had since Greg Kinnear left,” says an NBC spokesman. Though the network put out feelers about making the job permanent, Crawford’s agent, Michael Gruber, says, ”She did Later just to learn. [Hosting permanently] would be too much time, not enough money, and no viewers.”

Her new deal at ABC, which gives her more than $2 million up front, hardly fulfills Denis Leary‘s dream of an all-Cindy, all-the-time channel. Lifestyle segments for Good Morning America are the only assignments on her plate so far, and she denies reports about booth appearances on Monday Night Football. ”I don’t know where that came from,” she says. ”Though they did talk about having me do an idea like ‘Why should a woman watch the Super Bowl?”’

And what would make a supermodel want to become a broadcaster? Crawford, 31, believes that her deal will help her to age gracefully out of modeling. ”This is something I can really grow with, and I’m ready for a change,” she says. Not that she’s fleeing the fashion world just yet. ”It still pays the bills.”