Dane actress is staging a comeback with a European talk show

She loomed large in American pop culture with 1985’s loincloth epic Red Sonja and her marriage to Sylvester Stallone — then decamped to Rome two years later in what seemed to be disgrace. Yet once the Italians got a look at the six-foot former model on the hit variety show Festival, Brigitte Nielsen had to hire bodyguards. Now, 10 years, three Euro-dance albums, 11 B movies (976-Evil 2, Snowboard Academy), and two marriages later, the 34-year-old Nielsen — who lives in Switzerland with her race-car-driver husband, Raoul Meyer, 38, and her four children (two from former marriages) — hopes to stretch her long legs in American showbiz once again. Her Copenhagen-based interview show, Brigitte and Friends — featuring the likes of Catherine Deneuve, Ivana Trump, and David Hasselhoff — premiered in Europe this past summer, with plans to air it in America. Meanwhile, Nielsen has just finished starring in her writing-producing debut, aptly titled She’s Too Tall for Me.