Director Ridley Scott makes a feel-good ending for a tragedy

The most intriguing bonus on the DVD release of Thelma & Louise is its ”alternate ending.” The one where Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis’ convertible turns into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as they gun it off that cliff? Not quite, but as director Ridley Scott explains on the commentary track, the two endings show how he made a feel-good movie of a tragedy. The release print freezes on the T-bird, set to quasi-soulful female wailing; in the rejected finale, the car begins to fall (followed by a bummer of a look from Harvey Keitel) while B.B. King sings ”Better Not Look Down.” ”You know they’re gonna die,” Scott explains. ”But I wanted to go out on the high of the car in control.” It’s just like that old M*A*S*H song says: ”Suicide is painless.”

Thelma & Louise
  • Movie
  • 129 minutes