Nicolas Cage proves he's no stranger to strange hair in films like Con Air, Valley Girls, and more

Amid the hair-trigger chaos of the new-to-video Con Air, one message is clear: Long-locked guys are good, baldies are bad. Yet the movie didn’t really need to saddle Nicolas Cage with a phony-looking mane. The actor had already proven himself a hero by surviving a career of perpetually goofy hairstyles. Can you match the clue to the coif?

1. Dude, Cage’s first big break puts him in a to-dye-for Davy Crockett cut.

2. He selflessly lays down his hair in a combed-to-the-side conservative thatch.

3. Donning a Byronic mane, he’s an opera-loving baker who takes poetic license with Cher.

4. In a role where there’s no saving face, Cage plays the little Caesar.

5. With the help of time travel and Alberto VO5, he heads for an Elvis-meets-JFK Jr. pompadour.

6. What price immortality? Cage would spend eternity using that greasy kids’ stuff.

7. Less is more as the actor turns action hero in a movie full of close calls.

8. He pulls his hair out in this baby-heist flick, and fortunately he’s got plenty to spare.

9. It’s not a pretty sight, but then what do you expect from a movie named after a blow-dryer?

1-I, Valley Girl; 2-D, Guarding Tess; 3-E, Moonstruck; 4-C, Face/Off; 5-F, Peggy Sue Got Married; 6-B, Vampire’s Kiss; 7-H, The Rock; 8-G, Raising Arizona; 9-A, Con Air