Actress is called to defend Aaron Spelling in a wrongful termination suit

On Nov. 24, Heather Locklear, Melrose Place‘s sharp-tongued vixen Amanda Woodward, took the stand as a witness in actress Hunter Tylo’s wrongful-termination suit against producer Aaron Spelling. The back story: Tylo says she was fired two months after being hired to play a sexy siren — because she was pregnant. Locklear, who gave birth to daughter Ava Elizabeth a month into the current season, was called by Tylo’s lawyers. Boy, now this is a soap opera.

Number of months before Locklear told producers she was pregnant: 2

Number of Melrose Place episodes Locklear estimates featured body doubles during her pregnancy: 5-10

Number of times on the stand Locklear says ”uh-huh” instead of ”yes”: 6

Number of times Judge Fumiko Wasserman asks ”Is that a yes?”: 1

Number of times Locklear exclaims ”Oh, my God” when answering Tylo’s attorney, Nathan Goldberg (e.g., in response to his question about what she did to play a seductress while pregnant, Locklear responded, ”Oh, my God — I don’t know what I did”): 2

Objections raised by the defense during Goldberg’s questioning: 16

Number of times Locklear describes her technique for portraying Amanda as ”[I] bat my eyes…and sometimes expose myself”: 1

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