Overheard online the week of Dec. 12

”What mistakes haven’t I [made for love]? Once, I gave away a watch. I had no money, and this guy was selling flowers on the side of the road, so I gave him this really expensive diving watch for the flowers and took them home to my girlfriend. She got really p—ed that I gave my watch away. We’re not together anymore.”
Starship TroopersCASPER VAN DIEN on E! Online

”Dinner at my house [growing up] was like Your Show of Shows — an absolute madhouse. It was extremely competitive, because there were nine kids, and there’s only so much food to begin with. If you weren’t funny, you would do the dishes.”
The Man Who Knew Too Little‘s BILL MURRAY on E! Online

”I am not interested in marketing my body or my sexuality. For me it is performance first. I don’t believe in that kind of career. I’m not saying I look down on those women who take off their clothes. If it’s necessary in a film, do it — but only if you’re comfortable with it. I almost did not do Love and Human Remains because the director wouldn’t sign a no-nudity clause, which means there will be absolutely no nudity, and if there is they have to take it out. It’s very important for actresses to have it in their contracts because if it isn’t there they can show anything they want. They can put a body double in at the last minute, and there is nothing you can do about it.”
Mad City‘s MIA KIRSHNER on RoughCut.com