The host of ''The Newlywed Game'' answers questions about Bob Barker, gay marriage, and whoopee

The Newlywed Game

Bob Eubanks doesn’t like to answer personal questions. This from the guy who asks complete strangers, ”How much does your wife’s chest weigh?” on The Newlywed Game (he currently hosts a syndicated revival of the popular ’70s smirk-fest). But Eubanks, 59, won’t discuss the details of his private life. For gosh sake, he won’t even name his favorite supermodel: ”I don’t have one,” he mutters, nursing a Kahlua and milk in Manhattan’s swanky Oak Bar. Here are a few queries he would answer.

EW: What’s the secret to being a good game-show host?

EUBANKS: Making the contestants funny instead of you trying to be funny.

EW: The secret to a good marriage?

EUBANKS: Communication. Marriage is really in vogue now. There’s a lot of love out there.

EW: The Dating Game used to be emceed by Jim Lange, and now it’s hosted by Chuck Woolery. Can you compare their styles?

EUBANKS: They’re similar. They both have vulnerability and class. There’s nothing sleazy about them.

EW: Ever been mistaken for Bob Barker?

EUBANKS: (Laughs) No. Do I look like him? He’s my father by a previous marriage.

EW: You once managed Dolly Parton. What are her greatest assets?

EUBANKS: Are you being funny? She’s the most creative woman I’ve ever met.

EW: If same-sex marriage is legalized, will you allow gay couples on TNG?

EUBANKS: Absolutely. If that’s what society permits, who am I to be judgmental?

EW: I’ve gotta ask you about the famous ”That would be in the butt, Bob” story….

EUBANKS: It never happened. No matter where I go, it’s mentioned three or four times a day. Everybody swears they saw it. I’m going to write a book and call it That Would Be in the Book, Bob.

EW: But did you ever ask the question ”What’s the weirdest place you ever made whoopee?”

EUBANKS: Oh, yeah. That’s one of my favorite all-time questions.

EW: Is that a question you would answer?

EUBANKS: No. Would you answer it?

EW: No, but you asked it.

EUBANKS: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I’d go on the show. I’m not gonna let some smart-aleck guy make a fool of me.

The Newlywed Game
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