''Baywatch'' star and husband Tommy Lee bare all, and the Internet laps it up

By David Poland
Updated December 05, 1997 at 05:00 AM EST

Eight years after Rob Lowe got caught with his pants down and his record button on, another naughty tape has the country buzzing. Pamela and Tommy Lee’s Horniest Home Video may soon rank as America’s favorite hour with the Baywatch babe and the tattooed Motley Crue rocker.

Recently distributed via the Internet after being discovered missing along with the Lees’ safe in January 1996, the 40-minute video — which includes, in addition to a few sessions of intercourse, the Lees exchanging wedding vows, idle moments on what appears to be the set of Barb Wire, and travelogue shots taken from their boat — has been a hot property at Los Angeles parties this fall even though it isn’t particularly new. The Lees tried to stop Penthouse magazine from publishing still pictures made from the tape and other photos also taken from the safe in its June 1996 issue, but courts rejected their request, as well as a later invasion-of-privacy claim against Penthouse, apparently persuaded by the argument that the former Playboy model’s public statements about her sex life had invited press scrutiny. Now, with the Lees in arbitration to resolve their suit against Seattle’s Internet Entertainment Group, an adults-only outlet that seeks to show the video, it looks as if market forces won’t let the tape just go away.

In November syndicated radio host Tom Leykis made waves by treating listeners to the tape’s frequent I love yous and Oh, my God!s, but the biggest thorn in the Lees’ overexposed flesh is Internet entrepreneur Milton Ingley. In recent weeks, Ingley has defied the Lees’ preliminary injunction against selling the tape via his website and is now believed to be in Amsterdam; his site is offering copies for about $55. ”I don’t think Interpol is going to be extraditing him for contempt of court,” says Lee attorney Lucy Inman; the Lees declined to comment. Ingley didn’t respond to interview requests either, but his website boasts that ”thousands” of the tapes have been sold since late September, a figure that cannot be confirmed.

For those who’ve seen the tape, there’s amazement that the newlyweds could film each other while flagrante delicto (in a moving car and a boat no less) and awe at their unself-conscious love. Pamela and Tommy seem so proud of their bodies, rumors persist that they made the tape with plans to cash in on it themselves. Did they haggle with Ingley and Penthouse? Inman responds, ”I can absolutely assure you that there’s never been such a negotiation.” Anyone who sees the tape would surely be startled at the idea it was staged. There’s a naturalness in Pamela’s demeanor — whether during sex, opening presents, or rolling a joint — that can’t be found in her ”legit” work.